11 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

Dogs have been close friends of people for a very long time because of the strong bond that can be cultivated. Dogs have been incorporated in many homes and have become part of our families. There are various dog breeds with different origins, but almost all have strong sense of loyalty to their owners and family that makes them to be adored by many. Such dedication has seen some dogs be able to save lives of their owners and other people in the family. Let’s take a look at 11 dog breeds that are quite loyal:

German Shepherd


1. German shepherd

The German shepherd originated from Germany and was known as early as in 1800s. It is considered active and always willing to learn when being trained and also ready to serve. The dog is commonly used by the police and the military and is considered to be very loyal and protective to their masters.

Rough Collie

 2. Rough collie

Considered a sheepherder for some, this breed is an active and intelligent dog and is friendly to other animals and children. The rough collie is a herding dog that originated from Scotland. Sometimes the dog is wary of strangers and can bark at them. Also the dog has amazing skills that can help you in therapeutic way. When trained, the dog is able to use its sense of smell to know if you are going to have seizure. They are very loyal.


3. Kuvasz
Originating from Hungary, the Kuvasv is known well for being a friendly house pet and has a good sense of humor. The breed is considered to be intelligent and they like to seek attention from their family, as do many dogs. They are suitable as guard dogs due to their large size and strength, and they are quite loayl.

Labrador Retriever

 4. Labrador retriever

This dog breed is one of the most popular dogs due to their happy mood, good energy, loyalty, and gentleness with children. With a North American origin, this family dog is very affectionate and provides good companionship, making them good family pets

Golden Retriever

5. Golden retriever
The Golden retriever is a lovable dog that you’ll see loving on children and adults alike. They are quite the family dog and known to be happy and ready to please their family owners. They are fun loving, patient, trainable and able to be trained to do plenty of things. The dog is among popular breed that is considered popular as a family pet and as therapy dog. Their loyalty is huge!


 6. Beagle

The modern beagle has their origins in Britain, though it is believed to date back from the ancient Greeks. The dog is commonly used for hunting. They are gentle and make wonderful family pets. Loyalty is a big attribute.


 7. Brittany

Bred first in France in 1800s for hunting birds, the Brittany is known to be loving and loyal to their families. They are known to be sensitive, easy to train, and good for companionship. The dog is very friendly with other family pets and also good with children. They are very intelligent and love to lavish love and attention on their owners.


 8. Boxer

This German bred dog has been used as a hunting dog at times. Boxers are very loyal, fun loving, and harmless around family members. They are wary of strangers, making them suitable watchdogs as they can easily alert the owners. Boxers like to be outdoors often and will bring your family great joy.


9.  Dachshund
The Dachshund were mainly used to hunt small prey like badgers because of their strong legs and strong paws to burrow. Dachshunds belongs to the hound family and are known to have lively, playful and a courageous temperament. You will find them to be quite loyal.


 10. Yorkshire

Though the breed is small, the dog is considered as loyal and trustworthy because they are protective of their owners and they are leery of strangers. The dog is known to be loving and affectionate toward their owners. The dog is easy to care for due to their small size and hypo allergic coat. The dog is popularly used as companion and show dog.


11. Bulldog
Originally bred in Britain, the Bulldog is considered to be intelligent and have good stamina and speed. They are known for having a docile and graceful temperament. They are good with children and are considered to be quite loyal. Bulldog owners come to love their dog’s unconditional love and happy disposition.

Just about any dog can be super loyal, as dogs really are considered man’s best friend. Where else can you go away for vacation and come home and have an abundance of love lavished on you when you walk through the door? You can simply be gone for one day of work and your dog will be all excited to see you when you get home. Yes, dogs are very loyal and these 11 breeds are super good choices for a family pet.