11 Most Difficult Dogs To Raise

American Pitbull Terrier

1. American Pit Bull Terrier

This dog breed can be aggressive and is considered by some to be vicious. Although many Pit Bulls are loving, friendly dogs, some are quite temperamental. Also, this breed is often used by cruel people who train them to be vicious. This dog has great strength and historically it was used for fighting in the ring. If you are a potential dog owner and you have limited time to train a dog please don’t choose a pit bull terrier. A pit bull terrier requires a person who will have time to train the dog properly. However, with proper socializing and training it can be a good family dog.


2. Bullmastiff

This dog breed is massive in size and can weigh up to 130 pounds. A bullmastiff has been known to overwhelm their owner and injure them at times. They have also been known to drool a lot and this translates to a lot of cleaning by the owner. This breed has a strong dislike for some other dogs and this means you cannot keep another dog in his presence. A bullmastiff should not be your choice if you will not have time for training.

German Shepherd

3. German Shepherd

This breed can be difficult to raise because of its enormous size and its enthusiasm for activity. German Shepherds have also been known to attack their owners on occasion if not trained properly. If you are not committed to train this breed, please avoid it. German Shepherds are very intelligent and they know when they are being mistreated and not taken care of. This can make them angry and turn to their owners and attack when they are frustrated. German Shepherds are very delicate when it comes to their health and they may need extra vet care.

Siberian Husky

4. Siberian Husky

Bred mostly in cold weather, this breed is lively and requires dedicated training. It is difficult to keep a Siberian Husky because it can be highly predatory. Historically, it was used to pull sleds in snowy areas; this breed is a working dog. This requires a lot of time for the owner to train them making it a difficult breed for a less committed owner. This breed acts out when it’s bored and this is another reason why it can be difficult to keep.

Chow Chow

5. Chow Chow

The dominating breed Chow Chow can be very stubborn while in training, craves a lot of attention, and can be very jealous. Chow Chow’s can be quite aggressive and sometimes outrageous when new visitors or new pets are around. This breed can be difficult to have as a pet because of the constant attention it seeks and extensive training it needs.


6. Akita

The Akita likes to prey on potential food, so it’s a good idea to keep it on a leash. You have to be alert when walking the Akita which requires around 30 minutes of walking daily. The Akita sheds heavily and it can be very difficult to train for inexperienced potential dog owners. Also, the Akita can weigh up to and over 115 pounds and with it being such a big dog, it can be difficult to raise.

Alaskan Malamute

7. Alaskan Malamute

A talented artist when it comes to escaping, this breed can be very difficult for new dog owners. This breed sheds a lot and can be at risk for heat injury because of its heavy fur coat. Though it can make a beautiful family pet, it can also be difficult to raise at times.


8. Rottweiler

A big dog breed, a Rottweiler can be really dangerous when in the hands of the wrong owner. This dog requires a committed owner, hence a great deal of time for training is necessary. A Rottweiler is loyal and can be very aggressive and dangerous while protecting if it’s poorly trained socially. This breed can scare away visitors because of the stories of Rottweilers biting children and adults for no apparent reason.

Chinese Shar-Pei

9. Chinese Shar-pei

Quite the territorial breed, this dog can be very aggressive towards your visitors and other pets and can be very dangerous if poorly trained. Owners with no knowledge about this breed will have difficulty raising them because of the health conditions it could develop. These conditions may be due to its skin fold which might lead to eye and chronic skin issues. This breed can be difficult to raise as it requires a lot of time for training.


10. Beagle

A breed with high energy, the Beagle can be a poor listener and it can be very difficult for new owners. When poorly trained they can be very dangerous while protecting their owners or property. Beagles are prone to barking and can be very noisy, as they are known to be leery of an unfamiliar scent. Beagles can have weight issues if they do not get enough exercise which can make things difficult. For a new dog owner with a tight schedule or no commitment, this is not your ideal breed.


11. Bulldog

This breed can be difficult to raise for new owners because of potential health problems. Bulldogs cannot usually swim making it difficult for owners to always keep them away from the pool to prevent drowning. A Bulldog is sensitive to stress, exercise, and heat due to its heavy build. It can also be very stressful for owners with inadequate training time and it is therefore not the easiest dog to have.

These breeds can be difficult to raise because of the time they require to train. All dogs need attention and care, but these dogs tend to require a bit more than the average dog. All dogs require commitment to training, but if you want an easier time these breeds should not be your first choice for a family pet.

This list is from Life In The Golden Years and of course subject to debate. However the common factor in this list, as with any dog or breed is Training. Train your Dog!