House Breaking

I get a lot of people asking me about house breaking or potty training their puppy or dog.

One couple lived in a house but ‘she’ didn’t want poop all over the yard. I guess picking it up was not an option, I don’t know…I didn’t ask.

Anyway, they have a fenced area within the yard where the dog is expected to go. Ok, if that’s what you want. I told them the way to do this takes quite a bit of patience and time. The dog will do anything you want him to do, if he understands what is expected of him.

This is crucial not only in dog training, but in dealing with other people. If they don’t understand what it is you want from them it will be nearly impossible for them to deliver! Pretty simple.

Again, there is no magic to training a dog. Make sure the dog understands what is expected.

This couple needs to take the dog out to the designated area and wait for the ‘event’ to happen. When it does, slightly praise the dog. Don’t overdue the praising, this shouldn’t be a big deal…after all he’s just going to the bathroom. Then take him back inside.

If he doesn’t do his business within an appropriate amount of time, take him back inside and after awhile, take him out and try again.

I also use a ‘command’ when out with my dog. For example, I use ‘Good Spot’ when Raji is outside and I think it’s time. She associates this term with going to the bathroom and will, if she needs to, do her business.

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