Walking Your Dog And Why It Is Important

Sadly, many people feel when they turn their dog loose in their fenced yard the dog has plenty of room to run and play. However, this concept is not healthy, either mentally or physically, for their dog, for several reasons.

The dog gets no mental stimulation. It is the same thing every day and is boring for the dog. It would be like placing yourself in an exercise room for hours at a time and being told to ‘have a good time’. Sure, for a little while you would be ‘entertained’ but in a very short time you would become bored.

There is no structure. Structure is something dogs not only like but it is a requirement for a healthy and happy dog. Dogs don’t really like to make decisions and when you ‘expel’ them to the yard, particularly with no intervention from you, they have to make all of the decisions on what they are going to do.

Typically, they will lay down and do nothing. Worse than that is if they begin ‘Fence Fighting’ with the dogs next door. Fence Fighting will bring out aggression in the dogs and must be stopped. They may bark or charge the fence at people who are walking by your yard. They do this partly because of boredom and largely because there is no structure, no well defined what is acceptable behavior.

Birds Fly, Fish Swim, and Dogs Walk. That’s what they do. They are nomadic creatures, if you will. That is not to say they don’t want to be with you, quite the opposite, what they really want IS to be with you.

Walking your dog, correctly that is, allows you to become the Pack Leader who directs the activities of your dog. This one of the times when obedience training is reinforced. How? Because when you don’t let your dog pull on the leash you are directing your dog to follow your lead. When you don’t allow ‘tracking’ you are showing your dog what is acceptable behavior. When you stop, your dog stops…because you are the leader, the parent, the Alpha.

You must remember dogs need a leader, they don’t usually want to be the leader. But in there mind there HAS to be a leader. If you aren’t in┬áthe leader role, they will take over that role. You then become the follower, or a weaker member of this two individual member pack!

Humans have been taught all of our lives to get along with others. Dogs instinctively know to follow the leader…when one is present. When one is not present, they unwillingly assume that role. This is the point where bad behavior begins. Not in the walk, although it can be a great contributor, but in the whole ‘who is in charge scenario’.

Walking your dog allows their desired companionship plus a reinforcement of the parent – child relationship.

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