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Teach You To Train Your Dog

Basic Dog Obedience Training
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This PDF file will tell you about how dog’s think and how to develop a Happy and Obedient Dog.   You will get background information you will need to successfully train your dog.   You will also receive the Commands for Sit, Stay, Come, Down
Plus Two Bonus eBooks
How to Get Your Cat and Dog to live in Harmony
Are You the Pack Leader? A Quick and Simple Test
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Three Biggest Mistakes Owners Make
  1. Owners and Trainers alike treat dogs like Humans!
  2. Dog owner’s, especially small dog owners think their dogs DON'T NEED training  
  3. They Hire a Trainer
You are the best person to train your dog. They need to obey your commands because you told them to, There will be no consistency with the way you give commands if they learn it from someone else.
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