Dog Training

There is a lot of talk today about the best way to train your dog.

From our point of view it is very much like raising children. In fact, your dog will grow to a mental age of 3 to 5 human years. That is, your dog will react to, and learn as much as, a 3 to 5 year old child.

However, they are not children, they are NOT humans! They are canines. Dogs do not value the same things you as a human does. Many trainers will tell you that your dog wants to do things that please you. In fact, dogs don’t care whether or not you are pleased with their behavior! Dogs do things which please them, and they avoid things which they find uncomfortable.

Humans can adjust to situations, for example, when you go to work you may or not be in charge and you adjust to the work environment. Dogs don’t ‘think’ that way. They have a very rigid environmental structure. It begins with ‘who is in charge’. They really don’t care who is charge, but someone HAS to be. If you don’t take that roll…they will.

This is the key or secret to successful dog training.