Equipment - Teach You To Train Your Dog

Teach You To Train Your Dog

Basic Dog Obedience Training
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There is a lot of confusion about the best equipment for dog Obedience Training
In my opinion you are wasting your time if you do not use a pinch, or training collar.

Your dog will do anything you want them to do
This means you have to communicate with them...So HOW do you do that?
Poor or Useless Training Equipment
More Information on the Pinch Collar

StarMark Training Collar

This is the collar, size small, we are currently using on our Chocolate Labrador puppy.

Notice how the 'corrections' are quick and do not last...a simple jerk does the trick!
Corporate Support Services
Three Biggest Mistakes Owners Make
  1. Owners and Trainers alike treat dogs like Humans!
  2. Dog owner’s, especially small dog owners think their dogs DON'T NEED training  
  3. They Hire a Trainer
You are the best person to train your dog. They need to obey your commands because you told them to, There will be no consistency with the way you give commands if they learn it from someone else.
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